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Vote YES Meals Tax!

One great way to help FCPS is by voting YES on the Upcoming Meals Tax. Our funding was met this year, but as we all know, prices will continue to rise and if we do not take more action now, we will be facing another budget crisis like we just had. 

The meals tax will be 4% on certain prepaid foods, which will be paid by residents, commuters and tourists. You might have seen many local restaurants who have signs opposing the meals tax, but many surrounding areas of Fairfax County also have a meals tax (anywhere from 2.5%-10%!) and one would imagine that people are still going out to eat in those communities, so clearly this is a viable solution. 70% of the net revenues would be dedicated to FCPS and 30% of the net revenues would be dedicated to county services, capital improvements and property tax relief.

Please help to spread the word on this important way that we can again help FCPS. Click Here for more information about the Yes Meals Tax. 

FY17 Budget

The FY17 budget battle is behind us and we are very pleased that the Board of Supervisors provided FCPS with adequate funding next year to essentially fully fund FCPS. However, this is not a predictor or guarantee of funding support in the future. In fact, the challenges of a county budget that is so heavily dependent on property taxes will continue to be an issue.

A meals tax would help diversify the County's source of income and reduce its dependency on property tax hikes to fund investments in our public schools and other essential county services.  The meals tax is the only new revenue option currently being considered by the Board of Supervisors. 

The Board of Supervisors is scheduled to vote June 7 on placing a meals tax referendum on the Nov. 8 election ballot. If the Board votes to move forward with the referendum, voters will vote yes or no on a (up to 4 percent) meals tax that would become effective July 1, 2017.

Learn more:

Meals Tax Overview from Fairfax County:
Fairfax Co Meals Tax Website:

A meals tax is a familiar and popular device to diversify and add additional revenues for localities. 
Examples of local jurisdictions that have a meals tax in place include:

Alexandria: 4 percent
Arlington:  4 percent
Falls Church: 4 percent
Fairfax City:  4 percent
Herndon:  2.5 percent
Vienna: 3 percent
District of Columbia: 10 percent
Places that already have the meals tax would be exempt. They would not be taxed twice.

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Link here to see Current School Board Members & District Supervisors

  • We are in the Sully District.
  • Tom Wilson is our current School Board Rep. and Kathy Smith is our current District Supervisor.

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